Dolu’s toys assist in fulfilling a large portion of a child’s pre-education cycle. They augment the natural imaginative abilities that accompany childhood, and help children improve their abilities of evaluation and consideration. In so doing this, Dolu Toys help children learn how to make choices, express themselves, and concentrate on the specific areas that they most enjoy. Dolu’s toys help children master shapes, dimensions, and colors, and they familiarize them with alphanumeric characters.

Lisciani is a Worldwide Educational Company, which has been designing, developing and manufacturing educational toys that can improve the lives of children and their families for the last 30 years. Lisciani is also a Research Centre for childhood learning strategies.

The games and toys produced by the company cover all the developmental stages of childhood, from the first few months of life to the start of adolescence, with a range of specific, highly educational products. The company’s brands have, over time, gained a primary position in the global toy market. This exclusive knowledge has allowed the company to create its own educational method over time, which has been recognised and appreciated worldwide for its effectiveness.

Winfun is one of the world’s leading providers of baby and kids products designed for different developmental phases.

Winfun products have a range of fun and educational features that systematically help to improve children’s skills at different stages of their development, including cognitive, physical and social. Our products are designed to stimulate children’s imagination and interest in new objects – as our name suggests, we want children to ‘win’ new skills while having ‘fun’.